Why Should You Treat Shingles?

Many viral infections have physical effects, and one of the most recognizable ones are shingles. This disease is often diagnosed at the sight of painful rashes with blisters, which are found on one’s torso. The skin blisters and other symptoms are caused by the same virus of chickenpox called varicella-zoster. After one is healed from chickenpox, stress, infection, and other triggers can cause the virus to activate again, causing the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Appearance of painful red blisters
  • Light sensitivity
  • Tiredness

Although this viral infection can be hidden from plain sight, certain precautions must be taken, and treatment efforts should not be ignored. When left untreated, several complications can cause long-term discomfort. Below, you will see the common persisting effects of this disease without proper treatment.

Why Should You Treat Shingles?

A condition called postherpetic neuralgia may develop.

Postherpetic Neuralgia is a condition that arises when nerve endings are damaged due to viral infections. Since the varicella-zoster virus can also affect the nerves, the pain can last longer even after the blisters have disappeared.

Even with the mild touch, the damaged nerves caused by the postherpetic Neuralgia can bring pain signals to your brain. Thus, having appropriate treatment methods such as shingles cream can help relieve the condition as quickly as possible.

Potential vision damage if the virus spreads around the eye area.

Another dangerous complication of developing the infection and having no treatment is spreading blisters close to the eye area. The varicella-zoster virus can also cause eye infections that bring permanent damage to the eye.

Since eye infections cannot be treated with topical solutions, it is best to stop the spread of the blisters and shorten the length of the virus’s stay in the body. Although there is no direct cure for this condition, you can prevent the spread by using solution creams once the blisters develop. If you’re wondering what is the best cream to put on shingles, a product containing natural ingredients will help most with relieving some of the symptoms.

Neurological disorders can also develop as a complication.

The varicella-zoster virus is not generally life-threatening. However, a persisting infection can cause neurological problems that will affect one’s quality of life. Below are examples of neurological complications that arise from the viral infection:

  • Encephalitis: An inflammation in the brain caused by a viral infection. Encephalitis can cause complications such as mood changes, seizures, vision problems, and hearing loss. Additionally, 1 in 10 encephalitis patients suffer severe brain damage, leading to death.
  • Paralysis: Depending on the nerve area, there is a potential for facial paralysis, weaker muscle tone, or left/right paralysis of the body.
  • Sensory problems: Many nerves operate to help in our sensory function. If the viral infection spreads on sensory nerves, it can cause hearing loss, visual problems, loss of taste or smell, and other issues.

Infected skin from blisters may occur.

The main complication that comes from untreated blisters are skin infections. The blisters usually progress into open wounds. If bacteria get in these open skin surfaces, there may be an appearance of pus, intense pain, and inflammation. Some people can also develop fever and sepsis when bacterial infections are not given appropriate treatment.

What To Do When You Have Shingles

Below are the recommended treatment options for the viral infection:

Shingles Cream

It is recommended to find a natural ointment that helps prevent the spread of blisters while providing pain relief. If you are wondering what is the best cream to put on shingles, an effective product with natural ingredients will work very well to help stem the spread of blisters and provide relief.


As you consult a physician, there will be prescription medications available in lessening the severity of the varicella-zoster infection. The medicines are given to reduce the symptoms, reduce the spread, and speed up recovery.

Home remedies

When you are currently infected, it is best to isolate yourself from others to prevent the virus’s spread. Some people are susceptible to dangerous complications, such as pregnant women and the elderly. Otherwise, you can take home remedies such as using a wet cloth, taking cool baths, and avoid picking on the blisters to lessen the severity of infections. arti nama

Avoid Complications: Get Speedy Treatment

Do not delay treatment for this viral condition. Although not life-threatening on its own, the varicella-zoster virus can lead to complications that can permanently affect you. By using shingles cream, medications, home remedies, and ample rest, you can recover quickly from the infection.


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